Fun holliday?

This Holiday i had fun because I went to the skate-park with my new scooter named T FOX

i went there basically every day  I went with my friends we went to the skate park in the city at Victoria park

my scooter was brand  new i got in on the 1 week of the holidays. I got it form this place named scooter pro it was at mt Eden road. the scooter had very good quality. It was the fun i had during the holiday

One thought on “Fun holliday?

  1. Hi Tyrone, thank you for your blog post. I’m glad to see you had fun in the holidays – you are so lucky to get a new skateboard. Please remember to read through your post to check spelling and grammar. The word “I” always needs to be a capital letter.
    I like the pictures you included – they really make your post interesting.


    Mrs Cox

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