this is my art work it was a cloth they used back in the days for baby’s and dead people it was made with this big clomp of goop and were spread around

Fun holliday?

This Holiday i had fun because I went to the skate-park with my new scooter named T FOX

i went there basically every day  I went with my friends we went to the skate park in the city at Victoria park

my scooter was brand  new i got in on the 1 week of the holidays. I got it form this place named scooter pro it was at mt Eden road. the scooter had very good quality. It was the fun i had during the holiday

mirror activity

Title:How mirrors act



Seeing how mirrors react 


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)


Each mirror will act different compared to others.




Mirror and person




Put mirror up close and back




On the concave mirror up close  you’ll be looking in a mirror but on the convex u were upside down

The image was a clear reflection

When i moved away from the concave mirror ull be upside down but on the convex u were up right

U were very tiny and upside down




We learn stuff about mirrors